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Parish Council Precept

This is to inform members of the parish that this year the Parish Council have found it necessary to increase the precept for the first time in 5 years. In order to meet rising costs, the Council have increased the total budget requirement for the 2018/19 to £4,600, compared to £3,600 for the previous 5 […]


Saleway Parish Council has approximately £30,000 available for use within the community. Do you have any ideas of projects where this money could be utilised for the benefit of the community? Ideas maybe: Youth Projects Transport initiatives Equipment for Community

Telephone Kiosks

Can you help to refurbish the kiosks that the Parish Council have adopted, in order to preserve them? We have acquired on behalf of the community four kiosks in total. These are situated in: Sale Green, Hadzor, Earls Common and most recently Himbleton. Other villages locally have adapted their kiosks to be;  book exchanges, information […]